For its fourth edition, DIALOGUE's curators partnered with Wallonie Design to invite eight Belgian designers to discuss around crafts in the context of RECIPROCITY design liège. Each of the guest designers has developed a project in crafts either in ceramic, crystal, stone or wood. A collaboration with Keramis and Paolo Iori will also be unveiled on the occasion. Based on their experience, the speakers will address questions like : What are the prejudices that a designer might have about crafts? How to approach a project when you don’t know a material or manufacturing process? What are the different steps of a collaboration between a designer and a craftsman? What contractual relationship to establish? Is the collaboration between design and crafts profitable? How to go from an experimental research to mass production? What impact can a collaboration with a craftsman have on the creative process of a designer? etc.


La Boverie

Parc de la Boverie - 4020 Liège - Belgium


21.11.2018 / 3pm - 6.45pm